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This is a quick How To Use as internal help is non existent yet and some functions are not obvious.
  • To download episode, double click on the relevant item in the list.
    • Make sure to click on empty area and not on text. This is a current limitation I'm working on.
    • At the moment, double clicking will take you to website and display the relevant download options.
    • In the future, I am thinking of integrating an internal download function or export download links to external application (ala JDownloader).
  • Internal timer will refresh episode availability every 24 hours.
    • You can leave the software open and it will refresh itself every day, but only those episodes that have air date larger or equal to today.
    • Clicking on "Check Episodes" will refresh everything without reservation.
  • Red icon means episode is unavailable. Yellow - there is only 1-3 sources. Green - more then 3.
  • Right clicking on selected item will bring up a context menu, allowing you to move to the Next episode, Previous episode, Edit or Remove the item.
    • Next & Previous are performed smartly, so if, for example, you are now on the last episode of the season, Next will choose episode 1 of the next season, if available.
  • When editing episode, software is intelligent enough to limit choice of episodes according to the chosen season.
    • That means, for example, that if season have only 12 episodes, you will not be able to choose episode 13.
  • When adding or editing show, HD check-box means that RED will look for HD Ready (720p) quality only.
    • As there are almost none 1080p quality episodes, I saw not to include this feature and concentrate on 720p.

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